Holiday Spirit

I stood  in the foyer and outside the door
of one of our newest department stores…
I was there as chaperon, to most it would seem
To help collect funds for my sons football team.
There were some who gave and some who did not, 
some gave just a little and some gave a lot.
I was watching the people, as they’d  come  and they’d go
when all of a sudden it started to snow.
I started to think about buying my tree, 
with the lovely snow glistening how nice it would be
To being picking it out and setting it up
With lights, decorations and egg nog in my cup.
Just then I realized  why I there 
Was not solely because I’m a parent who cares
It made me so happy, you’ll know when you hear it 
I was there to catch the holiday spirit.
American Insurance Services Agency hopes that you catch the holiday spirit this season!