More than Just Insurance in New Jersey

What should you look for when insuring your New Jersey business? A quote, the company’s CSR, the financial commitment, customer service? All important factors when looking to provide your business with proper coverage for yourself, your company, and your employees. At American Insurance and Financial Services we provide the state of New Jersey with more than just insurance. American Insurance helps companies meet payroll, and streamline their managerial responsibilities. Helping ensure your employees get paid on time and receive workers compensation when necessary, can help your company to focus on the more pressing concerns of the business.

Since focusing on company goals and services should be in the forefront of your mind, American Insurance also offers Professional Employer Organization services for qualified New Jersey businesses and entrepreneurs. Letting us manage your human resources, payroll, and benefits will relieve the administrative headache and allow maintaining your business to be financially feasible.

When growing and maintaining a business a known factor for success is keeping in line with local, New Jersey, and federal regulations. American Insurance‘s Compliance Services ensure your business is kept within the confines of municipal, state, and federal policies. Making sure your business is effectively regulated and isn’t fined or sent legal fees is important to reputation.

Allowing your employees to stay in the know with the latest laws and regulations is important, just as important as outlining a business structure for them to work by. The corporate vision is useless if the employees do not understand it, which will only reflect on the knowledge potential customers receive.

American Insurance wants to make your company vision a plausible reality. We work with companies to create a comprehensive yet easy to understand Employee Manual to outline the bullet points of the business structure, and long term goals. If your New Jersey employees understand the vision and structure, it will only positively affect your customers.