The Statistics Are Out: New Jersey Drivers Fail

As of June 1, 2010 it has been statistically confirmed. The state of New Jersey has the worst drivers in the nation. According to the sixth annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, if all of licensed United States drivers were to take the written DMV test today, 38 million would fail. A passing score on these tests are a mere 70 percent. After pooling about 5,000 people from each state and the District of Columbia, New Jersey ranked number one with a 39.9% failure rate. New York was right behind with a 31% flunking rate. We understand as does Pam Lobley of the “Now that’s Funny column” for the New Jersey News Room. She responds to the study by saying other states may rank better on the written test, but I’d like to see them try and make it to a Yankee game on a Friday night.


So what is the problem? Many New Jersey drivers believe they are the best, but the statistics show the polar opposite. In the New Jersey area ‘flipping someone the bird’ is considered a polite New Jersey  salute, and the gesture should always be returned. Even if you are the best driver, it is important to have reliable auto insurance, for those navigating the Turnpike HOV during rush hour or the Belt Parkway, you should be prepared for the other bad drivers on the road, not from the garden state of course.