The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance: A Resource Library

We can all agree that insurance isn’t the topic you’d want to discuss at a cocktail party if you’re trying to be the most interesting person in the room. That being said, there are resources which make understanding New Jersey insurance much easier for those who are doing research or making important insurance decisions.

According to its website, the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance was created to regulate the banking, insurance and real estate industries in a professional and appropriate manner that protects and educates consumers and promotes the growth, financial stability and efficiency of those industries.

The department has a Property and Casualty section which can be found online featuring rules, regulations, and tips. They have a helpful section on automobile insurance which includes a purchasing planner, a guide to controlling your auto insurance cost, and even go over the different types of policies available in New Jersey.

Along with auto insurance links and tools, the department’s website includes tips for filling claims when an accident occurs. Some of these include:

 They also have a homeowner’s insurance section which gives three necessary steps that should be taken before purchasing:

  • Understand the way homeowner’s insurance works
  • Identify the kind of policy and coverage you really need
  • Compare policies from different companies to find the best values

The department offers help in finding homeowners insurance, letting you know the basics of buying homeowners insurance, and even a premium comparison survey. Along with insurance information and advice, they offer consumer guides that are downloadable on their website: