4 Steps to Finding a New Jersey Contractor

1.   Know what you want before you start
Before looking to hire a contractor you must know what you want done. This will make the call go smoother and the pricing negotiations easier so you do not end up having more work done than needed which in the end can save you money.

2.   Who does that type of work
Different contractors have different specialties. Look for a contractor in the area that may have a specialty in the work you need done.

3.  Referrals
Now that you know what you want to have done and who you need to do it, you need to find the right company. The best way is to ask a friend who has had work done for a company’s name. If they are satisfied with a job they have had done you probably will as well.

4.  Setting up an appointment
Before setting up an appointment for a site visit, ask the following four questions:

    • Do they do the specific type of work you’re looking for?
    • What’s their schedule like? If they do not have an appointment until next month say thank you but move down your list. You should not have to wait too long for repairs or remodeling, it’s your home, it should be on your time.
    • Can they provide you with referrals? Most companies are more than willing to provide you with names and phone numbers of past clients. If they cannot, find someone who can.
    • What is their business name and license number? Get the contractor’s full business name, address and business phone number, as well as their contractor’s license number. Immediately call the New Jersey or local licensing agency to verify the status of the license and that any required bonds and insurance policies are in place. If there are any problems with the license, bond, or New Jersey Contractor’s insurance, move  on to calling another company.