New Jersey Texting While Driving Fines Increased

As of September 15th New Jersey lawmakers have imposed bigger fines for texting while driving in the garden state. The Senate Law and Public Safety committee have enacted the changes that will double the ticket for first time offenders to $200, $400 for the second time, and then $600 for every offense thereafter.

On the third offense you will walk away with a $600 ticket and a possible 90-day license suspension.

Police in New Jersey have already handed out nearly 10,000 tickets since 2008 when the hands free phone law was first put in place.

Drive now, text later, the fines are not worth paying for not to mention your New Jersey Auto Insurance could spike from these fines and a possible license suspension for repeat offenders.

Check out this video below where a bus driver sends a quick text moments before plowing into a line of cars: