6 Tips for Selling Your New Jersey Home During the Fall Season

  1. Brighten Up Your Yard. The flowers may have been aesthetically pleasing during the summer months, but as weather gets colder you may want to rid your yard of rotting summer plants and replace them with something like chrysanthemums. They will brighten your yard and last through fall. You also might want to rake those leaves that have started to fall.
  2. Limit Festive Decorations. Not overdoing the Halloween and Thanksgiving décor in your front yard will make the front of your house look more open. Avoid the clutter and limit the fall décor to a few holiday pieces.
  3. Add Some Light. As Autumn goes further into season it is getting darker out earlier, which means darker rooms inside. Areas of the home that are not well lit will not show as well. Add some light to a darker room or even add a brighter paint shade to the walls.
  4. Watch the fireplace. Sure a glowing fire place might make a home seem cozier during a showing. But make sure to keep up on the cleaning. You do not want an excess of ash on your living room floor.
  5. Keep photos updated. As the seasons change so does the look and feel of a home. Make sure to update your NJ listing photos with the season, but keep the previous pictures on file. A shore line home might look amazing in the summer months, but if the showing is in the winter the buyers are going to want to visualize that warm July breeze.