New Jersey Auto Laws Rank Second in Nation

A report was released Monday naming New Jersey the state with the second most comprehensive roadway safety laws in the country. States were ranked based on 15 driver safety laws selected by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, an alliance of consumer, health and safety groups, and insurance companies and agents who lobby for driver safety laws.

The state scored a 13 out of a possible score of 15. New Jersey missed the laws that require an ignition interlock device to be installed on cars of those who have been charged with a DUI, the amount of hours where teen drivers need be supervised, and they do not have a law in place for restricted teen driving hours at night.

The number of driving accidents in New Jersey went down from 593 to 580 in 2009. Around 2.2 million were injured in car accidents across the country last year, and 11% of fatalities due to an accident involved teenage drivers.

Steve Carrellas, state representative for the National Motorist Association, believes that devices like the interlock system actually cause distractions and decrease roadway safety.

“It’s just a special interest safety group that is basing their impression of New Jersey safety based on their view of state laws in specific categories,” said Carrellas. “New Jersey can be safe but it doesn’t have to be safe because of those things.”

What is your stance on the issue? Let us know! And if you need a new jersey auto insurance quote let us know! Let’s keep New Jersey at the top of the list for driver safety and regulations.