Activities to Avoid for the Adventurous Vacationer.

This entry is directed toward those adventurous vacationers out there. If you think that because you have travel insurance you can let lose and  articipate in dangerous or risky activities. While it is true that certain activities operated by licensed and qualified professionals will normally be covered by insurance, there are some activities that might not come up when you are looking at your insurance policy, and its safe to say that if the insurance company finds out, they will probably not pay your insurance. Here are a couple activities that insurance companies will be probably be reluctant to pay.

Bull Running in Spain: You’ve probably seen a video of it on YouTube. Bull Running, very famous and more common in Europe. Events such as the annual San Fermin bull run, where the population runs along with bulls down crowded city streets, is an extremely dangerous activity to say the least. It is highly unlikely that your  insurance company will pay your claim if you are in trouble. Solely based on the debate of it being a  reasonable activity. That and the lack of professional care involved.

Safari in Africa: Wild animals are not domestic animals. They are called “wild animals”, because they are wild animals. If you get out of your guide-led tour, and decide to see the animals up close, your asking for something bad to happen. So ff you break the rules, or are not on an authorized tour, you can certainly expect your insurance to be invalid.

Mountain Biking In Bolivia: “Death Road” in Bolivia also known as the “The World’s Most Dangerous Road” did not get it’s name by chance. If you want to risk your life in a very dangerous and lethal way, a trip down this road may be for you. Even if your insurance covers you for outdoor activities, it is highly unlikely your insurance will cover your claim when something goes wrong, especially when you tell them the name of the road your accident happened on.

Endless Clubbing in Ibiza: Clubbing is huge out of the states, and where there are clubs there are drugs. By taking illicit drugs you could be staying awake for days or end up in a hospital. During your recovery it will soon be obvious and later proven with testing that you have been taking drugs. Falling ill from consuming illicit drugs, is a great way for your insurance company not to pay your medical bills.

Drunk Biking in Thailand: Drinking and driving is always dangerous, and should never be condoned. Drinking and driving could lead to extremely large fines, jail, or even worse. In Thailand bikes are available without a license, and it is not uncommon for many adventurers to ride motorbikes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs – this is a recipe for death. The good news is Thailand has reasonably cheap and high quality hospitals to stay in for the weeks following because your insurance company won’t be picking up the tab.

When your adventurous vacation spirit is in high gear this summer, just remember to keep it in check, and reasonable. You want to make sure you are safe, and covered by your insurance. You don’t always have to go to extremes to have a good time. You can always go swimming with the Dolphins for fun, that’s pretty safe.

-Robert Catalano