Advice for Flood Disaster Victims

With all this New Jersey rain the past couple days, its hard not to think about getting Flood Insurance, especially if you reside in areas which are prone to having higher amounts of rainfall accumulation. Some people think that they may be safe from suffering a flood disaster, but the truth is, it can happen to anyone! If you have been affected by the disaster of flood in recent days here is some helpful advice to jump start the recovery process.



  • If your home has been damaged, make sure you call your insurance agent to file a claim.
  • Safety first! be sure to check for structural damage before re-entering your home. You do not want to get trapped or be involved in a building collapse.
  • Use a camera to take pictures of any floodwater in your home and move any damaged personal property to safe location. Take pictures of even items that have to be thrown away.
  • Keep track of damaged or lost items along with their receipts and value information.
  • Shut off and keep your power off until an certified electrician has inspected your system for safety.
  • Use bottled water for drinking and food preparation until authorities tell you that your water supply is safe.
  • Dry property and contents as soon as possible to avoid molding.
  • Use protection such as gloves and boots to clean and disinfect areas.




  • After a flood disaster, be sure to contact your agent or insurance company to
    file a claim. An adjuster should contact you within a few days of filing
    your claim, but stay on top that! Make sure you have the following
    information handy: The name of your insurance company, your policy
    number, a telephone and/or email address where you can be reached at all
  • Clearly separate damaged from undamaged property. Your adjuster is going to
    need evidence of the damage to your home and possessions to prepare
    your repair estimate.
  • Again take pictures of all of the damaged
    property, including discarded objects, structural damage and standing
    floodwater levels.
  • Have available a list of damaged or lost items and include their date of purchase, value, and receipts, if possible.

If you don’t have flood Insurance, it might be a good time to look into some options, and give you protection from a flood disaster. Apparently April showers, bring May downpours.

-Robert Catalano