American Insurance Goes Social…Media

Have you ever noticed those funny little icons on your favorite websites? You know, the ones that look like small boxes or circles with a
little symbol in them? These icons, also know as Social Media Buttons, represent links that when clicked, will direct you to a website’s social networking site. Pretty neat if you ask me! Since social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, have been increasingly popular it was only a matter of time before businesses would join in on this cyber-social phenomena.

Why would a business want to join in on the social media conversation you ask? The answer is simple! Businesses like American Insurance, for example want to connect with YOU! They want to build relationships with their customers and clients to establish a tight bond making sure  hey satisfy all your needs. It makes sense, how could you make someone happy without really “knowing” what they need – there has to be some relationship, or connection for that to even happen. The integration of social networking sites help businesses connect with their audience, on a cyber level with the potential to build something more. Breaking the ice is easy! It’s as simple as tweeting or posting on a Facebook Fanpage.

Have you joined the social media conversation yet? Start with us!

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-Robert Catalano