Staying Current With Your Auto Insurance This Memorial Day Weekend

This week we have blogged about some basic auto insurance coverages, factors affecting auto insurance rates, some ways to lower your auto insurance costs, and discounts you could receive on your insurance for your teenage driver(s). The best piece of advice we could provide for auto insurance holders is to stay current.

For over a century, automobile insurance has helped compensate motor vehicle drivers, owners, passengers, and other injured parties for losses resulting from an accident. Sufficient coverage for property damage and liability plays an important role in your protection plan. Keep in mind that ensuring proper coverage can be cost effective without having a negative effect on your wallet. Through frequent reviews of your current polices and an awareness of potential discounts, you may be able to save money and stay adequately insured.

Before you make that mad dash to the beach this weekend, or to your buddy’s barbeque, make sure that the vehicle you will be traveling to your destination in is insured and current, making a great weekend an even better one!

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

 -Robert Catalano

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