The Keys to Managing Your Car Insurance During Summer Vacation

With summer on the horizon, that vacation can’t come soon enough! Warm beaches, tropical getaways, and exotic adventures await you your family, but before you pack up, you may want to make sure that your summer car insurance needs are taken care of. Here are some key points for managing your car insurance during a summer vacation.

Some families travel to their vacation destination by car. If you fall into this category you may want to check with your insurance company or agent about the details of your insurance policy. When traveling out of state, you will want to make sure that you have valid coverage for every state you are traveling to or through. Many states have different car insurance requirements and regulations so having the right kind of coverage for every state you are visiting or driving in is smart preparation.

If you decide to rent a car for your vacation, you may want want to verify with your insurance company or agent if the coverage you already have extends to your rental car. Many times rental companies will offer you their own insurance, but it won’t be necessary if your own insurance extends coverage to your rental car keeping money in your pocket for souvenirs. Of course if your current car insurance does not extend to your rental car, it is probably a good idea to look at the insurance quotes the rental company provides you with and purchase those. Having coverage is important!

You may also want to make sure that any other family members that may be driving your car are also covered under your insurance. If you are using your own car insurance, or coverage that is provided by the car rental company, you will absolutely want to have all drivers covered. Anyone who is driving the car, even for a minute, needs to be covered by your insurance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Making sure your car insurance needs are taken care before you hit the trail is crucial for a happy vacation getaway. Calling your insurance company or your insurance agent validating your coverage, asking if your coverage will extend to a rental car and to any other driver who may be driving on your trip, and making sure you are covered by the rental car company if necessary are the keys that can give a person peace of mind. Something you could only get on, well… a vacation!

-Robert Catalano