10 Car Rental Tips And Hints

More then likely families who will be going on vacation this summer will need some type of transportation or rental car to get from place to place. Here are 10 car rental tips and hints to keep in mind.

1. Rewards – You want to make the most out of your rental car don’t you? If you are a member of frequent flyer program, ask them if there is anyway you can gain mileage or points to your program.

2. Use The Web to Shop Around – There are plenty of car rental dealers out there. Shop around, even online some car rental companies which offer their best discounts to online shoppers.

3. Know The Contact – Read the fine print, does your insurance already cover the rental? Are you covered for liability? Will more then one person be driving the vehicle? All important questions to go over with both your insurance agent, and rental agency.

4. Confirmation – Having confirmation is always important when you pick up your car. In the airport, be sure to give the customer service representative your flight number and scheduled arrival time. If the flight is delayed, your car rental reservation will be preserved.

5. Watch The Upgrades – Car rental companies will sometimes try and offer free upgrades to larger vehicles. Free upgrade? Awesome! Well not exactly. Why do they do this? They do it to save the most fuel-efficient vehicles for specific requests from those aiming to save money on gas. Larger vehicles will obviously cost you more in fuel costs. If you are looking to save money, decline the upgrade.

6. The Gas – This is important advice. If you took the car with a full tank of gas, make sure you return it the same way, or you might end up paying for it. Some rental companies might charge you for the refueling service, which will probably be more expensive then just getting the gas yourself.

7. Scout the Car – Before you ride off the lot, take note of the mileage, and any visible damages that may be evident on the car. If you see something damaged make sure the car rental company is aware of the situation.

8. Drinking And Driving – Absolutely do not do it!! Forget the fact that rental contracts and insurance polices are void if you have an accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you put your life at risk when you drive under the influence.

9. Drop-Off Time – Remember what time a car is expected to be dropped off at. A lot of car rental agencies begin charging for each 24 hour day from the time of rental. Failure to drop-off a car may result in a full day of billing.

10. Sense Of Direction – Know where you are going! Don’t forget to buy a map, or bring your GPS. It will prove useful if you get lost, or want to explore new areas on vacation.

 -Robert Catalano