Common Distractions While Driving

Throughout your life you are bound to spend countless hours in your car. Hours which will be spent traveling back and forth to work, school, and leisurely activities. Many people use their cars for purposes other then what it is intended to do such a dresser, a breakfast table or lounge place. The car has become more then just a means for travel, and many deaths have occurred due to simple driving distractions. Many of these deaths could have easily been prevented if certain measures refused to take place. Here are some common distractions that most drivers suffer from while driving.

 Cell Phone Calls

This is the most common distraction which happens at an alarming rate. Many people answer their cell phone calls despite it being very dangerous. Headsets were thought to combat  this danger, but needless to say it still takes the driver’s focus off of the road.


I’m sure you have seen someone shaving, or putting on their make-up in the car at one time or another. Performing tasks other then driving can be a potential cause for accidents.

 Texting While Driving

Texting is the bane of driving. Texting not only takes away a driver’s hand off the wheel, but their focus as well. Save the texting for when you arrive at your destination. A simple “LOL” is not worth the risk to your life.

 Loud Music

We all love blasting our stereo down the highway. Unfortunately the loud music could drown out important sounds from outside the car, such as car horns, or sirens from police vehicles, or ambulances. Outside noise is an important cue for drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

 Reading Maps

If you are lost and don’t have a GPS, your going to end up looking at map. Looking at a map while driving is a huge distraction for the driver and their concentration on the road. All it takes is a few seconds to glance at a map, and have an accident take place.

Negative Emotions

Road rage, and anger are very common, and a big distraction for drivers and their focus. People drive more aggressively when they are are angry, which could result in a higher chance for an accident to happen.

It is important to not get distracted while driving. Losing your  focus and concentration can have undesirable consequences. Some things can wait until you arrive at your destination or when you are safely parked. Keep your focus on the road and avoid distractions.

-Robert Catalano