Five Fun Facts For This Father’s Day

Father’s day is this Sunday, June 19th. To celebrate the occasion for our Dads, here are five fun facts for Father’s Day.

1. The first Father’s Day: The day was actually born through a tragedy.  Residents from Fairmont, West
Virginia first honored dads on July 5, 1908. The reason was because 210 family
men had been lost in the Monongah mining disaster. Since then the holiday really didn’t catch on until two years later. Sonora Smart Dodd,
from Spokane, Washington, believed
that her father, a Civil War vet who had raised her and her siblings
since his wife had died in childbirth with their sixth child, deserved a day as much as any mother.

2. It’s Official: Father’s Day become official in 1972, when it was signed into law, by President Richard Nixon, recognizing the third Sunday in June for our fathers. Why did it take so long? Congress had supposedly
resisted efforts to recognize Father’s Day in fear that the holiday would be commercialized, instead of simply recognizing the importance of parenting.

3. Father’s Day and Gifts: With any holiday, gifts are likely to be part of the conversation. Father’s Day is no exception, it is another retailers dream for a shopping day. It’s the American way right? Truth be told though, commercialization started long before
the day was an official holiday. In the 1930s, retailers actually formed a
Father’s Day committee to encourage sales of gifts for dads.

4. Search Engines: With the internet, it’s easy to see what other people are looking for online though your favorite search engines. By simply typing the word “father’s day” in the search bar, some auto complete suggestions may include “father’s day gift ideas”, “father’s day gifts”, “father’s day date” (slackers..). But dads have to eat too right? On other search engines you may find search suggestions including “fathers day brunch,” “fathers day cookies,” and “fathers day desserts.”

5. What Dad really wants. Everyone wants to get dad something he will remember. In fact, when we say everyone, we mean about $11 billion dollars worth of gifts for dad, shown in a sales study in 2008. The web has also been a large component for driving in sales as well. Certain retail stores will work any angle they can for your type of dad: A business dad, a techie, a sports dad, etc… With all the hustle and bussel of sales, and deals this weekend it’s easy to substitute something material, for what dad’s really want –quality time spent with loved ones. Let’s be honest, no gift can beat that.

-Robert Catalano