Boat And Watercraft Insurance

It’s the season to set sail! Nothing is better then having that feeling of freedom while being on a boat in the open water, or racing through ocean waves on your watercraft. What element adds to this sense of freedom? The worry-free insurance protection we offer at American Insurance Services Agency. So let’s talk about how our New Jersey Boat and Watercraft Insurance
policies can cover you.

Our watercraft insurance plans can provide you with coverage against many different types of losses. We offer:

Medical Payments Coverage

Safety first! We have it covered! We offer medical coverage that can cover your eligible medical expenses if you get hurt when on the water.

Physical Damage Coverage

Protecting your investment. This optional coverage will take care of your
boat, motor, and trailer. After speaking with one of our agents, they will help you determine the right
amount of physical damage coverage for each boat or watercraft on your policy. You
will also need to choose a deductible (the amount you would pay on a
claim) before your policy kicks in.

Liability Coverage

Protecting yourself. If you’re involved in an accident, nine times out of ten another
person or another watercraft is involved. And if it turns out that you’re at fault, you’ll
need liability coverage. You can choose as much liability coverage as you want, it’s your call. Our agents will show you what coverage and limits may be
available, and how to get the maximum personalized protection you need.

Let it be known, we are no stranger to the waters. Whether you have seawater in your veins, or you’re just starting out, now is a perfect time take a closer look at your new or existing
marine insurance policy. We know the differences between
power boaters, sailors, and commercial fishermen, and we can tailor an
insurance policy to your unique needs. Think about that, a customized insurance policy just for you!

-Robert Catalano