Identity Theft: Where Can You Go For Help?

There are many resources that can provide you with more information about identity theft prevention and protection, as well as offer you guidance should you unfortunately become a victim. The following are some useful phone numbers and websites.

The Federal Trade Commission:

877-IDTHEFT, www.ftc.gov

 The Social Security Administraion Office of Inspector General (Fraud Hotline):

800-267-0271, www.ssa.gov

Internal Revenue Service:

800-829-0433, www.irs.gov

Federal Communications Commission:

888-CALL-FCC, www.fcc.gov

It may seem that each new technological convenience generates a new possibility for the invasion of you privacy. However, remember that taking a few, simple preventive measures can help you deter potential identity crimes against you. A strong offense may be your best defense against identity theft.

 -Robert Catalano