Protecting Your Skin During Summertime

Don’t let the title confuse you – we are in the business of insurance. And one of the services we provide, is indeed Health Insurance. So naturally blogging about protecting an investment such as your skin is completely relevant. It does concern your health after all.

Thousands of people will be going to the beach this summer, soaking up those rays. Here are some tips for protecting your skin against the summer sun.

1. Exfoliate:  Exfoliating is the process of removing the
dead, dull skin debris that cause congestion and hinder skin hydration. The best time to exfoliate is in the morning, before applying toner,
moisturizer, SPF or makeup. Exfoliation is good for you because it makes for clearer, and smoother skin
for both women and men.

2. Hydration: This should come as no surprise. Your body needs it, and
your face also needs it to be properly moisturized to withstand the harmful effects
of the sun. You should always drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of plain, filtered water every
day to maintain the moisture balance for your skin.

3. Sunscreen: A small coating of sunscreen won’t help you if you’re
going to be out in the sun for a long period of
time. Make sure you apply a sufficient amount to your face and body. For the extended periods of time make sure to reapply
every two hours.

4. Sunburn: Alright, so you didn’t heed the warning: applying only a dab of sunscreen, so now you have sunburn and the damage is done. Well you will have to resort to applying cooling gels and soothing botanicals that
can reduce redness and inflammation. This should be done at the first
sight of a pink glow on the skin. Remember to note that a blistering sunburn can double your risk of
melanoma. If you are a constant beach goer it is recommended you get a yearly skin exam by a doctor
to detect early warning signs.

5. Repairing and Treating: So you have that nice tan, it’s a great summer look. But what it actually means is that your skin is damaged.
How should you be treating your skin? With hydrating moisturizers. They can help begin
to repair the damage done by the sun by promoting healthy cell growth
and stimulating collagen destructing enzymes. You may need it when you over-tan. That leather skin look isn’t very appealing.

-Robert Catalano