Quick Tips: Summer Parties, Liability, and You

It’s Friday night during the summertime, that means it’s time to
party! But what does partying have to do with Insurance? Well it has to
do with liability, and ensuring the safety of your guests. You don’t
want to be at fault, or pay for claims on your account. So before your
giant “Hawaiian Luau” party tonight turns ugly here are some quick tips
regarding summertime parties.

Swimming Under The Influence: Real simple, do not swim while under the influence. It’s best
to avoid alcohol consumption when swimming. Always drink alcohol

Friends only: Parties can get out of hand when the wrong people come by. Limit your guest list to those you know.

Gotta Have Food: Guests have to eat! Provide filling food for guests and alternative non-alcoholic beverages.

Stay Smart:  If you are scheduling entertainment,
activities, or game playing – make sure these fun acts do not involve
alcohol, it could get sloppy.

A Place To Stay: If your guests look like they had a
little too much, arrange some sort of transportation or overnight
accommodations for those who should not drive.

Last Call: Have a limit and let your guests try and sober up. Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party is scheduled to end.

I Think You Had Enough: It’s alright to say no, If a guest is visibly intoxicated, they should be cut off.

Being Extra Safe: If you are having a huge party or event, you may want to consider hiring an
off-duty police officer to discreetly monitor guests’ sobriety or handle
any alcohol-related problems as guests leave.

You As The Host: Having fun is fine, but remember you are the host, so you have responsibilities.

Coverage: Before any major party, review your
insurance policy with your agent before hand to ensure that you have the
proper liability coverage.

 -Robert Catalano