Tips For Driving In A Flood

Well New Jersey is still in recovery mode from Hurricane Irene. Certain roads are still blocked due to downed power lines and trees, and even some flooding. It can be hazardous driving with these conditions, so for your safety we have compiled a couple tips for driving in flooded areas.

Always Pay attention to barricades.
Doesn’t matter if your in a  rush or not, don’t be a tough guy and ignore them by driving past them.

Avoid driving through standing water on roads or in parking lots.
Did you know the average automobile can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving
water? Believe it, and roads covered by water are prone to collapse, take a look at the picture above from Kennelon, NJ. When you drive through water you take the chance of your engine stalling out, not to mention the potential and irreparable damage it may cause by restarting the engine. If you come
upon a flooded street, follow the detour, or take an alternate route.

You will be forced to drive through water sometimes.
If no alternate routes or detours exist and you have no other reasonable alternative but to drive through standing water, keep these tips in mind.

  • Judge the the depth of the water – if other cars are driving through, compare it to yours so you can get an idea of the depth.
  • Advance slowly and steadily with caution through the water.
  • Absolutely DO NOT drive in water where downed power lines have fallen in — We’ve seen what happens in cartoons. This is real life.
  • Be on the look out for materials traveling downstream — you don’t want to get trapped or crushed you if you’re in their path.
  • Once your out of the water,
    test your brakes on a clear patch of road at low speed. Brakes will get wet when driving through water. Try and dry them by pressing gently
    on the brake pedal with your left foot while maintaining speed with
    your right foot.
  • Don’t text don’t call while driving – it’s been said a million times – so don’t do it!! If you need to report severe injuries or accidents pull over and call.
  • If you stall out in the deep water, Remember restarting the car may cause massive damage to the engine.
  • If you can’t restart your car, and you become trapped in rising
    water, – you tried to be a tough guy didn’t you? Well turn into a smart guy and immediately abandon it for higher ground. Do what you can exiting the car, by opening the door or
    rolling down the windows to get out. If you are unable to
    get out safely, call 911 or get the attention of someone in the vicinity so that they may call for help.

-Robert Catalano