Tips for Filing A Claim

Hurricane Irene has passed, so now what? Start the recovery and claims process of course, if you have been a victim of a loss. Here are some tips for filling claims for the upcoming days.


  • Take pictures of your property to give to your insurance
    agency along with a detailed description of all damages you see. If you can, try to
    include the costs as well as dates of purchase or approximate age of all
  • Make sure you gather all canceled checks, invoices, receipts or other papers to give
    to the adjuster who will be assessing the value of the damaged property.
  • To prevent further damage, cover broken windows and damaged roofs and walls. Save all the receipts for supplies and materials you used to temporarily repair your home.
  • Schedule for a detailed estimate for repairs to your home from a certified
    contractor and give it to your adjuster. What this does is give your adjuster prices for proposed
    repairs and replacement.
  • If your home has become unlivable due to excessive damage and you need to relocate while
    repairs are being made, make sure you keep a record of where you will be residing for the time being – a hotel or motel, and keep all restaurant receipts
    to give to your insurance company.

-Robert Catalano