Defogging Car Headlights

Car headlights develop haze or fog over time. Continued use will cause
dirt, sand, and grit to the headlights on cars which will consequently
sandblast the headlights. Not only does this diminish the look of your
car, it will reduce the headlight’s ability to lighten up the roadway,
which is ultimately dangerous for driving. Defogging car headlights is a
very easy task. It should be done regularly to ensure safety, and doing
it with regularity also makes cleaning easier procrastinating on this
task will make headlights difficult to clean.

While some might prefer to purchase expensive headlight restoration
kits, anyone can defog headlights in just under $10. Here’s how:

1.       With a denatured alcohol, moisten the rag or paper towel and
apply it on the headlights with a little amount of pressure. Now, the
headlights may still look foggy and hazed while being rubbed but it will
eventually go away as the alcohol dries up. Just rub and rub the
headlights until it appears clear and clean.

2.       For heavily fogged headlights, just do step 1 over and over until you’ve reached the clarity you are satisfied with.

3.       To add shine and an extra layer of protection, you can apply
a thin layer of car wax and buff the headlights to clear away any
remaining residue.

If you have extra cash to spare, you can also purchase a headlight restoration kit. Here’s how to defog headlights with it:

1.       Upon purchasing a headlight restoration kit, make sure that
the package contains what is stated in the box. It should contain
pouches, sheets of finishing paper, hydro-weave cloths, gloves, and

2.       Sand the headlights
using a sheet of finishing paper, folded in half and containing a small
amount of the first pouch. The first sanding should remove the damaged
surface of the lens. Wipe any remaining residue using a sheet of paper

3.       Repeat step 2 using a different sheet of finishing paper.
Reactivate the solution with water if it begins to dry before you are

4.       With a hydro-weave cloth, polish the headlights using the first pouch and wipe it over the headlights.

5.       Wash the headlights using a damp cloth to remove all residue before proceeding to the next step.

6.       Apply the clear coat sealant with a micro-weave cloth using
the second pouch. Pour slowly to make sure that all contents will be
absorbed by the cloth. Wipe the headlights in strokes to cover the
entire headlight in sealant and leave to dry. Apply a second coat of
sealant using the same process.

7.       Finish by cleaning any remaining residue on the headlights with a damp cloth.

Source: http://www.carpart4u.com/blog4/?p=932

 -Robert Catalano