Tips To Prepare Your Car for Fall

 The cooler weather is already here! Just yesterday I remember blogging about keeping cool this past summer. Well now is a better time then any to start preparing your car for fall. Here are 5 tips to make sure your car is ready for the cooler months.

5.) Check Your Oil and Fluids – This is always the
first to be mentioned on every auto list, but it is almost always the
most overlooked. Be sure to double-check your oil, brake, power
steering, transmission, wiper, and any other fluids your vehicle uses.
If it’s time to replace them, be sure to get it done ASAP. It will make
your car operate smoother and prepare your car/truck for the Winter
ahead – not to mention, it all leads to better fuel mileage.

4.) Check the Charge of Your Battery – Cooler months
will always wreak havoc on your car’s battery, and drain it faster than
anything. While you’re at your local Grease Monkey having your oil and
fluids changed, they should also check the charge on your battery for
you as part of the diagnostic exam. If the charge isn’t close to
maximum, you should really think about having it recharged, or better
yet, replaced with a new, longer lasting unit. Trust me, when the storm
of the century blows into town out of nowhere, and you need to hit the
only grocery store across town for the last loaf of bread, you don’t
want a dead battery making you hate life.

3.) Check Your Tires – You should always keep your
eyes on your tires. They’re the shoes of your vehicle, after all. Be
sure to routinely examine their air pressure at least twice a month, and
nothing could be more important than the walk-around inspection every
time you stop for gas to ensure no foreign objects have punctured the
tread or walls of your tires. Another service you should purchase while
your fluids and battery are being freshened, is a tire rotation if you
haven’t had one in a while. I highly recommend doing this now before the
cold months settle in, so your tires can get used to their new

2.) Get Some Antifreeze Now – Go ahead and purchase
your antifreeze now, if you think you’ll need it. Nothing is worse than
pushing off buying some, then heading to the local Auto Zone in
December, only to find empty shelves. Well, I guess a dead battery
trumps them all.

1.) Get Your Car to Cover – If you don’t have a
garage or carport, think about purchasing a car cover – drop cloth and
bungies work just as well. It will not only protect your vehicle from
those annoying leaves that seem to get glued to every part of your car,
but it will also shield your windows from major ice and frost in the
colder months. In fact, I would also recommend you go ahead and give
your car/truck that much-needed wash and wax, so it will be ready to
shine again in the Spring.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Don’t forget to buy that ice scraper. We all know you already forgot where you misplaced last year’s.

-Robert Catalano

Source: http://www.regionalautocenter.com/blog/details/prepare_your_car_for_fall_in_5_easy_steps/