A Halloween Spook For NJ Homeowners Insurance

So what do NJ homeowners insurance and Halloween have in common? To the average face in the crowd, not a whole lot, but what about a face on a house? Face on a what? – Yes a house! Earlier this morning I posted the following video on our Facebook page to bring a little of that Halloween spirit to our fans.

After watching in amazement, I couldn’t help but to think (coming from an insurance mind aspect of course)…”hey that’s a lot of lights, what happens if they catch fire – like in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?” – classic movie by the way. Fires in general can certainly spook homeowners and their insurance, but can today’s lights actually cause a fire leading to major damage? I know I had read or saw something about this myth being busted a while back. I did some research and found that two guys from MythBusters – Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage actually busted the idea of setting your home ablaze with Christmas tree lights by setting up an absurd amount of lights rigged with extension cords in the episode “MythBusters: Christmas Tree Lights.”. Now just because the myth was busted does not make the scenario full proof, because anything can always happen! So always take precaution when showcasing lighted visual decorations during the holidays. And if your house is anything like the video above, NJ homeowners insurance might be the least of your worries, when a mob of angry neighbors show up at your doorstep wanting to personally thank you for the artificial sunlight, and musical entertainment you have so kindly bestowed upon the street.

-Robert Catalano