Corner’s Results On Amy Winehouse

Today’s top story of interest comes from London’s corner’s report on the death of Amy Winehouse. It was revealed that she died as the unintended consequence of drinking too much alcohol. I know personally that there had been much debate in the news and media about the cause of death – drug overdose -which was dismissed after the initial autopsy proved inconclusive, but this report further dismisses those assumptions. The coroner called it “death by misadventure” which is just another way to say “alcohol poisoning”. She apparently had a very high blood alcohol level – roughly  five times the amount of the legal drunk driving limit, which is absolutely absurd considering her size and weight which proved to be fatal.

It is always a shame to see people die a young age, celebrity or not. We all should realize how truly precious life is, and that we have control on how we live our lives, and take care of ourselves. If we are not not careful in all everything that we do, whatever “adventures” we partake in, we could be making grave decisions not only for ourselves, but for the lives we affect as well, such as family and friends. Who will be around to protect and take care of them when you are gone, whether it be your time or not? Something to think about…

-Robert Catalano