MTV’s “Jersey Shore” House Available For Rent

The Seaside Heights house, our favorite fist pumpers from The
“Jersey Shore” lived in is available for rent! The house most famously seen on the MTV reality series serving as a summer
hangout for Snooki, The Situation, JWoww and Pauly D could actually be called your own. How much? Well it’s $2,500 a night. At that price you can live the GTL life (gym-tan-laundry, for those who do not know the “Jersey Shore” lingo).

Since the popularity of MTV’s hit show, the house has been a huge
attraction for people. I’m guilty myself – taking pictures in front of the green, red and white
flag painted on the garage door, standing in a fist-pump pose. Don’t lie, I’m sure you have too! According towww.mtvjerseyshorehouse.com “The
‘Jersey Shore’ house has been visited by many celebrities, politicians,
news crews, writers and many named people that are listed in the top
Google searches every day.” Apparently the house also caters for all types of parties -contests, radio giveaways, sweet 16 birthday parties, 40ths, 50ths, and so on.

Clearly the house has not only boosted profit for the owner who had put it up for rent since the end of “Jersey Shore’s” first season, but for the community as well – in terms of the amount of parking and beach admission, (gotta love those NJ Beach badges…) and the surrounding rental properties. Such large investments in rental properties such as “The Jersey Shore” house should always be insured. After watching the show, it’s safe to say you never know what could happen, and who better to insure your party pad with then your favorite American Insurance agent – who will make you fist pump even harder when you find out much they can save you on insurance. Live the SMM life (save-more-money, for those who do not know the “American Insurance Agency Services” lingo).

-Robert Catalano