Common Question When Shopping For A New Jersey Car Insurance Quote: Is Anyone Who Drives My Car Covered?

When customers shop for a New Jersey car insurance quote with us, one common question we usually get goes a little something like this:

Is Anyone Who Drives My Car Covered?

Well let’s answer this right now. In many cases, yes is the answer. Anyone who drives your car is covered as long as they have permission or
reasonable belief from the insured that they can use the vehicle. And who is the insured you ask? The insured is the person who is named on the insurance policy – remember that thing you pay for?

Now I said “many” cases, this means that there are some exclusions, so you would need to look at your New Jersey car insurance quote you were given and/or your insurance policy to make sure. So here’s how it is, the general rule of thumb is that insurance coverage typically follows the car, but everyone in your
household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a
license. So if a girlfriend, or boyfriend you live with uses your car, they may not be covered if you did not list them on your insurance policy. In another circumstance, if you live separately, they could use your car with your
permission and still be covered. Always double check with your agent to make sure!! Glad we cleared that up..

-Robert Catalano