Common Question When Shopping For A New Jersey Car Insurance Quote: Why Does My Insurance Cost More Than My Agent Said It Would?

Welcome to another edition of common questions asked when shopping for a New Jersey car insurance quote. This question goes a little something like this:

Why does my insurance cost more than my agent said it would?

It happens too often then not. The simple answer for why this happens is because it is a misquote. Insurance companies determine your premium based on a number of different factors. This
includes where you live, the kind of car your drive, how much you
drive, how much coverage you want, your driving record, and your age, your blood type (okay maybe not that last one – but it sure feels like it!)

If certain information is reported incorrectly your rates won’t
be quoted correctly. Quotes are obviously based on the facts given, so misquotes are likely if A.) your agent makes a
mistake in applying the company’s rating system or entering in wrong information, B.) you are giving false or incorrect information. A misquote with auto insurance happens when your application information differs from your
actual driving record, so your better off getting your facts straight the first time.

Insurance companies ask states’ motor-vehicle divisions to verify the
records of drivers they insure. So when you tell your agent you
have a perfect driving record, and you don’t, your insurance company
will charge higher premiums than your agent quotes.The truth will always come out!

Misquotes are an annoyance to everyone! To keep your New Jersey car insurance quote accurate, provide truthful information about your
driving record and any other facts affecting the cost of insurance – again like knowing your blood type (kidding again on that last one…) Always make sure you verify all
information before signing the application too!

 -Robert Catalano