Four-Alarm Fire Rattles Elizabeth

Some people might be checking up on their New Jersey homeowners insurance coverage after witnessing an early morning fire that took over a home in Elizabeth according toNJ.com. Currently no injuries have been reported, as the case is still undergoing investigation. The fire which destroyed a two-and-half story house on Rebecca Place caused visible damage to the roofs and top stories of homes on both sides of the affected structure. Investigators on the scene are still working to determine the cause of the fire. Current reports suspect the blaze might have started on the first floor, around 5:16 a.m. when it was first called in.

It’s stories like these that really hit close to home literally. Are you informed enough about what your New Jersey homeowners insurance covers? Are you getting the best price for the best coverage? This should be an eye opener for many local people to check with their agents, and stay informed about scenarios like this occurring. Are you still covered even when your house is collateral damage from anther’s tragedy? Call your agent today to find out!

-Robert Catalano