I Got Into An Accident With Myself…

Just days after finding that perfect New Jersey car insurance quote and activating your insurance policy, you accidentally damage your vehicle on your own accord. Besides the expletives racing through your head, you wonder if your insurance will take care of the damags.   This is scenario all to common for most people. Drivers are often are their own worst enemies, causing insurance claims without recognizing the things they could have, or not have done to avoid them.

Believe it or not most car
accidents can actually be avoided. One of the most common claims in self auto damage is distraction for those that admit to it. Look at today’s technologies and habits, GPS, Androids, iPhones, make-up, all wanting your attention while you drive. Being the multi-taskers we are – we give in to those distractions that keep our eyes and minds off the road, and before we know it our cars have a couple new designs to the paint – if not something terribly worse.

People grow more and more inattentive each day, even with the younger generation of today’s drivers. Adults and younger drivers alike are texting while driving, while others are trying to answer the
phone and beat a traffic light. Truth is that what people do while driving, things other than “driving”, are all distractions that could cause an accident. All accidents that could have easily been preventable. Luckily for most drivers when you get a New Jersey car insurance quote through us our agents should be informing you of your coverages. One of which states that your policy often covers damage that’s due to your own bad judgement.

-Robert Catalano