Need A New Jersey Car Insurance Quote For Your “Corollllla”?

How would you like a New Jersey car insurance quote for your new “Coorolllaaa” in “grandmother white”? I just saw this entry from the guys at Mashable.com entitled “How To Sell a 2000 Corolla Like a Boss [VIDEO]” and it had me rolling! Upon clicking the link you are greeted with the option to play a video from YouTube. The video portrays an average Joe, soliciting a 2000 Corolla review – with a touch of humor to say the least. Clearly a viral wildfire waiting to happen. According to article the video was created by Clark Olson Media, and submitted as part of a video car review contest
for Kelly Blue Book, a car retailer.

So how about it though, people like this are selling cars like that all the time. Do you trust their reviews? More importantly would you trust the condition that car is in by the words of the seller? Information about the car you will be purchasing is vital when shopping for a quote. Actually let me rephrase “Accurate information” about your new ride will help you get a more accurate New Jersey car insurance quote. Just a little something to keep in mind when viewing videos like these:

-Robert Catalano