NJ Homeowners Insurance And Your Dog

Some people consider NJ homeowners insurance man’s best friend, others consider it to be their dog – agree to disagree. Say your lovable pooch is having a case of the Mondays, and one of your
neighbor’s children wants to play but your dog isn’t having any of it. He responds back in a not so friendly action by biting. The bite causes the child an injury that requires
hospitalization. Like any good neighbor, they decide to sue you seeking reimbursement for the
child’s medical bills. Well depending on what breed of dog you own, where you
live and your insurance company, home insurance
may have you covered.

Believe it! Some home insurers have lists of breeds and
crossbreeds they will not insure, while other insurers consider such breeds on
a case-by-case basis, or charge more for certain “biting” breeds such
as pit bulls. Check your NJ homeowners insurance policy or call to see if you have coverage. For
more information, call your agent today we don’t bite!

-Robert Catalano