Tips To Combat The Dangers Of Drowsy Driving

Today Insurance Journal published an article about the dangers of “Drowsy Driving”. We here at American Insurance Services Agency would like to bring that point home to our clients and the dangers involved. While we can ensure a great New Jersey Auto Insurance quote for you, we can’t do the actually driving to ensure your safety! According to the article who would have imagined that “one in ten 16-45 year old drivers
report driving drowsy once or twice a week”. You can only play with fire so much until you get burned. Being sleepy and driving is a dangerous combination. Like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction
time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases your risk of

Here are some tips to avoid Drowsy Driving:

Stay well rested before driving. If you have several nights in a row of fewer than 7-8 hours of sleep your reaction will be noticeably slower. Restoring that reaction time usually takes more than 1 night of good sleep.

Try not to drive between midnight and 7 a.m. If you are used to being awake at this time, you shouldn’t have many problems, but this time slot is when people are naturally most tired.

When possible don’t drive alone. Driving with someone who can keep you awake in conversation could help you stay awake during long periods of driving.

Break often during long road trips. No one is an Ironman besides Tony Stark. If you feel sleep while driving pull over and take a nap!

Don’t drink and drive. Can’t say this enough. Having just one beer while sleep deprived, will make you feel like you had at least three more. Do Not Drink And Drive! – EVER!

Don’t rely in caffeine. 5 hour energy drinks will only do so much, until you hit that wall ever harder then before. Caffeine won’t overcome excessive sleepiness.

-Robert Catalano