Will Your Roof and New Jersey Home Insurance Stand Up To Hailstorms?

Have you been plagued with hailstorms in the past few years? Your NJ homeowners insurance premiums may have increased, and you may even be considering installing a new hail-proof roof to avoid future repair issues – but what type of roofing is considered hail proof?

A roof is deemed as hail proof based on whether it meets the impact-resistance requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories. The most hail-proof roof coverings are rated Class 4, while the least are rated a Class 1.

Modified asphalt shingles tend to stand up well in hailstorms, although fiberglass composition shingles perform slightly less well. Metal roofs tend not to crack against hail damage, but they are likely to end up with dimples or depressions from hail. Slate is a strong roofing type, but is hard to install and can be too heavy to install on some structures. Synthetic roofing and tiles are another option that can be handy, but they vary depending on their type, with tiles such as concrete often considered a better option than brittle materials such as clay. Finally, although wood shingles look appealing, they do not stand up as well against hail, and are not necessarily fire retardant.

Homeowners considering installing a new roof should be sure to check the hail-proof rating of roofing material, as this, combined with its fire rating, may have some effect on their NJ homeowners insurance premiums. With American Insurance, you can get the coverage you need. Contact us today for more information!