Have You Heard Of These Things Called Seat Belts?

The problem of crash-related injuries and death.

  • More than 2.3 million adult drivers and
    passengers were treated in emergency departments as the result of being
    injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2009.
  • The lifetime costs of crash-related deaths and injuries among drivers and passengers were $70 billion in 2005.
  • Young adults (18-24) have the highest crash-related injury rates of all adults.

What is the impact of seat belt use?

  • Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about 50%.
  • Air bags provide added protection but are
    not a substitute for seat belts. Air bags plus seat belts provide the
    greatest protection for adults.

Who is least likely to wear a seat belt?

  • Adults age 18-34 are less likely to wear seat belts than adults 35 or older. (CDC, 2010, unpublished data)
  • Men are 10% less likely to wear seat belts than women. (CDC, 2010, unpublished data)
  • Adults who live in rural areas are 10%
    less likely to wear seat belts (78% use) than adults who live in urban
    and suburban areas (87% use). (CDC, 2010, unpublished data)
  • Seat belt use is lower in states with secondary enforcement seat belt laws

Buckle Up It’s The Law!

Source: Via CDC

-Robert Catalano