Keeping an Eye on Winter Weather with New Jersey Business Insurance

New Jersey business insurance was designed to assist companies like yours with both physical and monetary loss. With the proper coverage, you may be able to get aid after theft, vandalism, and even natural disasters. An important responsibility of a business owner is to identify the risks that could befall the business and taking steps to protect the business against that risk. At this time of year, winter related risks come to mind so here is an explanation of common phrases you may hear used on weather reports during the winter so you can plan appropriately.

  • winter storm watch means that the conditions are right for severe weather to occur. You should prepare for the worst now and follow the weather for the next couple of days.
  • With a winter storm warning, you can be confident that the snow and ice has already started to fall nearby or will very soon.
  • Blizzard warnings should not be ignored. A blizzard, which is a dangerous combination of snow and wind, can dramatically lower temperatures and visibility.
  • When winter weather advisories are issued, you should expect the weather to worsen very quickly, and this circumstance can make driving very risky.

When should you review your New Jersey business insurance? The correct answer is before a winter storm hits – in fact, reviewing your coverage should be something you do each year. For individuals who feel unsatisfied with their snow and ice coverage, our agents can assist you in obtaining additional protection. With American Insurance, you can get the coverage you need with our agency. Contact us today for more information!