New Jersey Business Insurance Tips: Secure Your Office This Holiday Season

Here are some New Jersey business insurance tips to secure your office this Christmas weekend. When securing your office this holiday use the same techniques homeowners would apply to their homes when on vacation. Before you leave set
some in-office lights on timers. This will give off the illusion that someone
may be working, and will discourage potential thieves from attempting to
break in.

If your business has a security force, let them know when
you’ll be gone so that they can pay special attention in your absence. If you have no
private security and your office is open to the street, it would be wise to alert local law
enforcement so that they will drive by a bit more often to check
for potential problems.

If your business has windows that open to the street, leave lights on
at night and the blinds open so that police officers and others can see
inside. The lack of privacy into the building keeps thieves uninterested in your
property. We hope these New Jersey business insurance tips have made you more aware of office security this holiday season!

-Robert Catalano