NJ Homeowners Insurance Safety Tips

Today we are sharing some wonderful NJ homeowners insurance safety tips, via the nice people at LEDGER MEDIA GROUP. In October, Lakes Wales police held a seminar to protect local residents and their home investments – here is a run down of what was said.


Don’t place your electronics packaging by the
road until the day of trash collection. The less people know what’s in
your house, the better.

Don’t leave mail or newspapers piled up in the mail box or driveway. -it tells people you aren’t home.

use a post office box to receive your mail and have newspaper delivery
stopped when you are on vacation or have a friend or neighbor pick them


Light the outside of your home as brightly as you can, covering all sides of the house.

Motion sensor
lights are less expensive now than they once were and can be adjusted
not to go off when a small animal or pet wanders by.

Use light timers inside the house to turn on lights or
televisions while you are vacation, giving the appearance that you are


secure your house, use solid-core doors with
heavy-duty locks — a dead bolt with a throw bolt at lease 1-inch long
and a four-screw strike plate with 3-inch screws to penetrate into a
wooden door frame.

sliding glass doors are secured by latches, not locks, which are easily
overcome by lifting and sliding the door.

Try installing a metal pin through the frame of the door or using a
“Charley Bar” — a metal bar that sits in the track or props against
the door frame to keep it from sliding at all.


all vehicles locked even if parked in a garage, and always
make sure a garage door closes behind you before you get out of the car
– especially if you are alone.

He said never to leave valuables, a GPS or other electronics sitting in plain view. ‘Keep your junk in your trunk.’”

Never to leave credit and debit cards or house keys in your car.

If someone gets those, they can steal your identity or get in your house.


thorny shrubs in front of windows, and follow the 3- foot
by 6-foot rule — keep shrubs trimmed to 3 feet high and keep tree
branches pruned above six feet off the ground. This is especially true
near your door.

This removes cover for a would-be robber or burglar to lurk beside your house or in your yard.

And it prevents someone from slipping in behind you when you unlock and open your door.


leave windows open if you are home, and lock all windows
when you’re not home — even upstairs, because a burglar could climb a
ladder or tree limbs.

Place stickers in windows to indicate your house has an alarm or has a large dog.


Video or photograph your home and your valuable property. This will give police a description of your property.

Also, write down all serial numbers to your electronics and valuables. This helps identify your property.


Don’t use social networks that have check-in applications or don’t use those functions.

example, Facebook allows you to place your location onto your Facebook
profile as your status. This allows people to know you’re not home.

Twitter has the same function, as do other social media sites or applications, like FourSquare.


of all, be aware of your surroundings — who is walking around your
neighborhood and what goes on at your neighbor’s house — and report any
suspicious activity to police by calling 911.

911 calls are for suspicious activity that are in progress –
something that doesn’t seem normal — or life safety emergencies.

-Robert Catalano