Renters Insurance New Jersey – Hot Tip!

American Insurance here with a hot tip for those with New Jersey renters insurance!

Make sure that your personal possessions are safe and protected. How?

Well the first thing to do is take inventory. You need to be able
to account for each and every possession that you own. Many people make the mistake of only putting a single figure down on paper for all
of the things that they keep in their rental. On paper it seems
like a good idea to save time when you do it, but it can cost you later on
when things start getting disputed a little more heavily. Make sure that you stick with specifics with how you list the property
if you want to end up getting what you deserve from your insurance
company if you have to file a claim. Write down all of the information that you have, including all
of the numbers associated with a piece of property, its price, where you
purchased it, serial number if applicable, and any other details. This will help you and your insurance company down the line.

-Robert Catalano