When Was The Last Time You Got A New Jersey Car Insurance Quote?

When was the last time you got a New Jersey car insurance quote? If your thinking it was more than a year ago, you might be in trouble. Without a fresh quote you could be renewing your current auto policy,  and losing tons of money! Well I guess it could be worse though, you could be giving your hard earned cash to talking animals or an air headed cashier…wait, no.. say it ain’t so! Alright that’s it – we are stepping in – call us today so we can hook you up with some savings!

1. Discounts: Are you a member of an organization? Maybe like AAA? Well guess what – you might be able to save money. We shop many companies for you – some of which offer
discounts for students with good grades, senior citizens or to people
with low mileage vehicles. Keep in mind discounts do vary company, but hey if you’re eligible you can save some moolah!

2. Life Events: You got married? Congratulations! He is our wedding gift – the possibility of additional savings on your car insurance. Not only that but for other types of insurance too like- life, health, and so forth. Well are you gonna take this gift or what?

3. Update: What are you driving nowadays anyway? Got a beater? Consider dropping comprehensive
coverage, you’ll save money. As we compare quotes for you, keep in mind you don’t need to pay for
coverage to repair a vehicle that’s worth less than the cost of repair. And now things makes sense…

4. High Deductibles: Some insurance companies offer lower rates to people willing to pay a higher deductible. So therefore if you
can cover the cost of a higher deductible, you will receive a lower
rate. Which means…savings.

5. Credit: Late and missed bills happen, just don’t let it happen again. Your credit score is important when
companies offer you an insurance quote. If you
have great credit, you may see a lower rate. Pay those bills, call us in the morning, we’ll be waiting with a New Jersey Car Insurance quote for ya!

-Robert Catalano