An Aggressive Dog Could Mean Legal Troubles and NJ Homeowners Insurance Claims

NJ homeowner insurance – do you have a policy? Having the proper coverage is a crucial step in avoiding certain financial burdens. Depending on your insurance, you may receive assistance with repair bills due to storms, vandalism, or fire. You could also get help paying for medical and legal fees related to a liability claim. One of the most common types of liability issues is dog bites. Where does New Jersey stand on the issue?

According to New Jersey State Statute 4:19-16, the owner of the canine guilty of the attack is liable for the damages related to the incident. This could include medical bills, disability, or under very unfortunate circumstances, death benefits for the family of the injured person. There are certain restrictions to the law – for the owner to be liable, the attack must take place on public property or on private property that the victim is lawfully visiting.

Prevent your pooch from attacking visitors by taking the time to properly train the dog. Completing an obedience class may have dramatic effects on the pup and might just prevent a claim on your NJ homeowner insurance for a dog bit incident. It is also important to consider that many places mandate that a dog is put down after it attacks a human, even if the canine had no previous track record for aggression.