Are You Protected with Renters Insurance in New Jersey?

Many apartment dwellers do not realize that insurance can be beneficial even for them. With the help of renters insurance, New Jersey tenants can be protected against a variety of situations. One of the most important of these is theft and this can be more of a concern for tenants than for home owners as often, a tenant is unsure whether or not locks have been change. In the event that the landlord doesn’t change locks after each tenant, multiple individuals could have keys to the property.

What should you do about this? Begin by asking the landlord if locks have been changed – if they haven’t, the landlord might be prepared to do so if you’re concerned, or might be prepared to allow you to change them at your expense, or even split the cost.

Consider installing a wireless security system that could be easily removed and transported to your next home when you eventually move out.

Making friends with good neighbors may help too – particularly those who are home during the day – as they may be more inclined to take action or call you if they see suspicious activity when you’re not home.

Even the simple act of leaving a radio on might be enough to make a burglar think you’re home and decide to move on.

Do consider taking our renters’ coverage as this type of coverage for tenants is quite inexpensive and yet it can be invaluable in the event of a home burglary. To purchase renters insurance, New Jersey tenants simply need to contact one of our agents to obtain quotes and make application.