Getting The Best New Jersey Car Insurance Quote

Want the best New Jersey car insurance quote? Well I’m not going to lie to you, finding a good deal on an auto insurance policy isn’t easy these days. It also doesn’t help when you live in a high-cost state like New Jersey. So when looking for auto coverage, let me tell you the insurance magician’s secret.

Here in Jersey there are numerous companies that write auto policies. So when you pat yourself on back after getting half a dozen quotes, think again- you’ve barely made a dent in finding the cheapest rates. Especially if you been easily fooled by those companies with their notable icons and comical sideshows.

But say you do find a company with great rates, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually get them. Why? Well you may not qualify for a number of reasons, such as a poor driving record, or other auto discrepancies. To make matters worse that the great rate you found may soon disappear when your policy comes
up for renewal in six months or a year. How’s that for a magic show?

Well it is time to keep your eyes on the ball because I’m about to tell you how to spot the cheapest deal. The secret is finding a local Agency. Hi, we’re American Insurance Services Agency, nice too meet you! What we do is shop around all types of markets for you, sparing you from chasing that white rabbit. The big reveal for you could be when our agency finds the best rate with a company you’ve never heard of, leaving you shocked, and in awe just like any trick would. But not to fear, just because you have never heard of a certain company does not mean that they can’t provide the same great coverage for less!

You see, lying is not in our bag of tricks here. We don’t wave a wand around shouting “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” like some phoney trick. We just want to get you the best New Jersey car insurance quote. Were are not magicians, we are real people helping real people save money.

-Robert Catalano