It’s My New Jersey Car Insurance Quote, And I Need It Now!

“It’s my New Jersey Car Insurance Quote and I need it now!”  – Sound familiar? Almost? It’s funny how the simplest things seen/ heard in repetition can get stuck into your head. Repetition is a primary function in marketing that all companies use. I can’t drive down a highway without seeing that green gecko on a billboard.Save any fast food commercials to memory? How many times have you seen the same Domino’s, McDonalds, or other ad on television? Companies likes these aren’t dumb. They understand exactly what they are doing– planting an idea in your mind.

Humans are trained in repetition since they are born. So it makes sense for companies to spend all of their hard earned money on this type of technique. Repetition is so effective because it helps you connect with a certain brand or person. Repetition helps companies inform their potential audience members of the services they offer. Repetition helps people to remember the message. It’s marketing 101.

Although there is a problem with repetitive marketing. Each time you repeat a message, it loses a bit of it’s edge.

Too much repetition can turn into “Poster Blindness.” For example when you see a new poster ad, you actually read it. Then, at some point, it becomes wallpaper to you. You’ve seen it so many times before, you don’t even notice it anymore. The Pepsi logo, the American insurance icon, the golden arches – all symbols embedded into your brain to associate one thing to another, that can just as easily become static to you. It’s repetition used
to the extreme.

So, in order to use repetition effectively, companies must find numerous methods of repeating their message. If you say the same thing over and over again the same way, you’re boring. I titled this article “It’s my New Jersey Car Insurance Quote and I need it now!” for a reason. Insurance is what we offer, and by slipping in our product into an already known phrase seen on TV that’s been repeated over, and over again familiarity kicks in with a twist.  Essentially I’ve used the repetition built from another brand to our advantage. Does this make me a good communicator? Well did my title grab you enough to read this? Then that makes me a great communicator.

When it comes down to it, the idea is for companies to give their audience a message, by doing it creatively. Look at this post – I haven’t even talked remotely about quotes, or saving money now! Well, actually I have. it’s a little technique called subliminal messages. You might want to check those bold words.

New Jersey car insurance quote anyone?

-Robert Catalano