What Is The Best Day To Get A New Jersey Car Insurance Quote?

Ever wonder what the best day to get a New Jersey car insurance quote is? Believe it or not research and studies have shown that certain days of the week are preferred for performing certain tasks! We’ve compiled a general list from varied sources on the internet on what days match up well with your agenda.

Monday – Best day to call in sick.

You partied pretty hard this weekend, which is why Monday has the highest rate of call outs from work. But partying aside, why is it also the best day to call in sick? Well according to the, the British Medical Journal,people have heightened stress levels of the weekend, you are 20 percent more likely to die from a heart attack on Monday than any other day of the week. Now, that’s a case of the Mondays.

Monday – Best day to buy things online is Monday.

Time Magazine’s MoneyLand, states that the very best time to buy things online is Monday. In particular, Monday is the best time to buy electronics, video games, computers and tv’s on-line. Prices will go up throughout the week on these items.

Tuesday – Get a good night’s sleep.

According to a health study, we have the least amount of sex on Tuesdays. Might as well get some extra shut-eye, you’ll need it for later on in the week!

Tuesday and Wednesday – Best day of the week to book air travel.

Airline sales are released over the weekend, but then other airlines lower fares in retaliation. Take advantage of extra discounts by booking flights late Tuesday or early on Wednesday.

Wednesday – Best day to shop for groceries, and other items.

Wednesday might just be your lucky day! According to some experts, Wednesday is the best day of the week to shop if you want to save on groceries, gas and other items. Plus it’s also great knowing your halfway through the week.

Wednesday – Best day of the week to get married.

This old English nursery rhyme gives much need advice on the best day of the week to get married:

“Monday for wealth,
Tuesday for health
Wednesday best day of all
Thursday for curses
Friday for crosses/losses
Saturday no luck at all.”

Thursday – Best day to get gas.

Fill up your gas tank on Thursday before 10 a.m. for the best prices before the weekend price changes. Shopping for clothes on Thursday evening will net you the weekend sales with an early bird selection!

Thursday – Best day for sex.

Forget the shopping, and get some loving! According to an article in Psychology Today, Thursday mornings are when estrogen and testosterone levels are about five times the higher than they are at other times. Set that alarm early, guys and gals! Told you needed that extra rest on Tuesday…

Friday – Best day to sell a house.

This is the best day of the week to list your house for sale on Multiple Listing. Redfin, a real estate brokerage firm has researched the best days to sell property and found that Friday listings are 19% more likely to be viewed by buyers and 12% more likely to sell quickly for close to their list
price. However, don’t shop for electronics on line on a Friday as the prices will be the highest of the week!

Saturday – Worst day of the week to get married.

According to the rhyme above, couples who get married on Saturday as destined to have “no luck at all.” But in the U.S. where the majority of weddings take place on Saturday, few believe in this old wives tale. But then again our divorce rate has been in the incline – is it still a myth?

Saturday – Best day to have a baby.

Apparently babies born on Saturday have a higher success rate. The British Office of National Statistics shows that 28% of British Prime Ministers since 1900 have been born on a Saturday.

Sundays are a good day to communicate but bad for cooking.

A third more people opened their personal emails on a Sunday compared with a busy weekday, according to new research. One in five of us say cooking a roast dinner is as stressful for the family as going to the dentist. One in 10 prefer crisps in front of the television.

Any day Of The Week

It turns out the best day of the week to get a New Jersey Car insurance quote is any day of the week. Did you see this coming? Since your insurance agent will be doing the shopping for you, there is no need for you to stress over the search. You can get a New Jersey Car Insurance Quote anytime, anywhere via the internet or by phone without spending forever and a day doing it. Why not get a quote today – It’s Monday, and it’s a great day to do so!

-Robert Catalano