Are You Prepared for a Disaster with Renters Insurance in New Jersey?

Many people have heard of homeowner’s insurance, but how much do you know about renters insurance in New Jersey? Residents who live in rented homes or apartments may not realize the financial risk they run without the proper coverage. Contrary to popular belief, your landlord is not responsible for repairing or replacing your personal items after a disaster, such as a fire. How much are you at risk of losing?

About 100 people experienced such a disaster on December 20, 2010. The Harbortown Terrace Apartments, located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, suffered a devastating fire. It started about 6:30 PM Sunday evening according to news reports.

It took an estimated five hours for firefighters to bring the four-alarm blaze under control. Emergency services were still fighting to put the fire out 12 hours later and there continued to be flare-ups the following day.

No one was killed or seriously injured, but many people lost all their belongings as the fire spread quickly through the H-shaped complex, engulfing 12 apartments and damaging countless others.

A fire can occur anywhere. Lightning can strike, a match can drop, a faulty appliance can trigger a blaze in a neighboring apartment – and many of your possessions could be gone in an instant. With renters insurance in New Jersey, citizens may have aid in replacing their belongings.