Thunderstorm Damage & Your NJ Homeowner Insurance

NJ homeowner insurance policy typically covers man-made risks such as theft and vandalism, along with some, but not all of the threats presented Mother Nature. One of the most common occurrences New Jersey residents experience is the thunderstorm.

The Star-Ledger reported that on July 26, 2009 the state was hit by a duo of severe weather systems. These storms included not just rain, but also high winds, lightning, hail the size of quarters, and even funnel clouds. What risks do these events pose to your home?

Rain can damage your home’s structural integrity and ruin your personal belongings. Powerful winds can contribute to its destruction by blowing out windows and blowing off roofs to let the rain get in. Lightning may always pose a threat to houses when it strikes, but it does have the potential to cause a surge in the circuitry, ruin electronics and start fires. Hail can cause massive damage to the roof of your home and funnel clouds always have the potential of turning into tornadoes.

How prepared are you for the next thunderstorm that hits your town? With the right NJ homeowner insurance, you can be compensated for the covered losses and damages you experience during a nasty storm.