Make a Home Inventory – it could be Useful if you Need to Claim on your New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

Have you ever made a home inventory, or considered making one? Like so many things, even if it’s crossed your mind, chances are it’s still on the ‘to do’ list! However, it won’t take you very long to assemble one, and it could be a very useful back up if you ever need to claim on your New Jersey homeowners insurance.

One of the main issues people have when they make a claim is providing proof of the value of some items or proving that a particular item even existed in their home. When you make an inventory, you are compiling a list of all your valuables and you can include photographs, receipts and valuation certificates for any high-ticket items.

While you are making your inventory, it might be a good time to check the level of coverage you have for personal valuables and any unique items. Things like original artwork, specialized music or sports equipment, antiques, furs and jewelry can sometimes add up to a greater sum than the limit on your policy so you may need to add an endorsement to cover their replacement cost.

Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of making a claim on your New Jersey homeowners insurance and you are having difficulties proving the value of an item. Get your inventory made, adjust your policy if necessary, and cross that job off your ‘to do’ list! You’ll be glad you did it, even if you are lucky enough not to have to make a claim.