Make sure you are a Responsible Dog Owner – One Bite Could Cost you a lot

According to the Insurance Institution Institute one third of homeowners insurance liability payouts in 2010 were for dog bites, resulting in a sum of nearly $413 million. Liability coverage is part of your New Jersey homeowner’s insurance policy, and it’s designed to protect you financially against injury claims from people hurt on your property, but that statistic may come as a surprise to many of you.

You can be held liable for injuries caused to another person by your dog, and that could result in a costly claim against you. People may steer clear of your dog if it is a breed that is generally held to be more likely to be aggressive – like pit bulls, German shepherds or Dobermans. However, even a small dog can inflict considerable damage, particularly if a child is involved.

Give your dog plenty of exercise so that they are settled at home. Keep your dog on a leash when you take it out – unless you have access to an area that states they can run free. However, as soon as your dog is off the leash, it is up to you to be doubly vigilante and of course, if you pet isn’t well trained or friendly, you shouldn’t unleash it where it may approach other people or their pets.

Dogs need lots of attention, appropriate training, adequate supervision and a safe place to be when you’re not at home so they don’t come to any harm and can’t harm others. Don’t be one of the people making a claim on your New Jersey homeowners insurance because your dog has bitten someone. Put the time in with your pet and make sure you do everything you can do ensure that they are no danger to you or anyone else.